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EPL: Gary Neville speaks on returning to Manchester United after Mourinho’s sack



Former Manchester United captain, Gary Neville, has insisted he will not return to Manchester United.

Neville harbours mixed emotions over the club’s decision to fire Jose Mourinho as manager and appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on an interim basis, with a permanent coach to come in during the summer.

He has however downplayed his suitability to the club, insisting he does not have ambition to one day return to Old Trafford, with Salford his main focus.

“Absolutely not. I am not fit for purpose at that football club.

“I own Salford, a non-league, National League club. I love what we are doing here.

“Absolutely no way in a million years, one would I ever get employed at Manchester United.

“And secondly should I be employed at Manchester United, maybe 15 or 20 years time if I go and prove myself as an incredible sporting director, which I am not planning to do.

“This needs to be the best in class, internationally. We have to take emotion out of it. ‘Get him back!’ No, get the best people, who have run the best clubs in the world and reset properly,” Neville told The Debate.


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