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Kaduna retired civil servants cry out, say El-Rufai has neglected them



A group of sacked civil servants in Kaduna State known as ‘Retirees Movement on Restructuring 2017′ said a dine has not been given to any of them after forcing them from the civil service contrary to governor El-Rufai’s pronouncements that all sacked civil servants in the state have been paid.

The retirees’ movement on restructuring 2017, about 9,000 said, “We have been made to suffer in the hands of the constituted authority that most of us are instrumental to the formation of its structure.”

Briefing newsmen in Kaduna Thursday, the spokesman of the group and its secretary, Ahmed Muazu, said, “It is now one year and some days since when some of us civil servants of Kaduna state who are more than nine thousand, were compulsory retired by the Kaduna state government due to a policy initiated by the government to downsize its workforce but till today, our entitlements have not been paid.

“It is better to make it clear here that we are not part of the primary school teachers or local government workers. We are from the different ministries and other MDAs of the state.

“We have been pressed to make this pronouncement as a result of the several pronouncements of the governor in the media that he has paid everybody.

“As law-abiding citizens, we followed the laid down processes prescribe by the law to get our entitlements. We began from June 2018 but till date to no avail.

“To inform the general public and with due respect to the governor who has made several pronouncements in the media that all are paid, we now request the governor or any other person to reach to any of our pension administrators and find out if any of the over nine thousand officers who have been compulsorily retired from the civil service of Kaduna state is given a dine by the pension administrators as they always say they are waiting for the governor. This is our predicaments.”

The retirees added, “it may interest the governor to know that a sizable number of our colleagues have died, some are paralyzed and many are hypertensive. All these happen at sudden, no notice no leakage and majority were not ready for the retirement and have no dine in their pockets yet the entitlements are not paid.

“We have begun to lose control of our families because we cannot feed them nor cloth them. We cannot pay their school fees just as we are like every other person, we have children in various institutions and WAEC and NECO have started registration of potential candidates and our children are at home due to our inability to pay the charges.”


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