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Sola Allyson – IRI



Sola Allyson – IRI
Shola Allyson-Obaniyi, popularly known as Shola Allyson, is a Nigerian soul, folk singer, gospel singer and song-writer. She came into limelight with the hit album Eji Owuro, which was the soundtrack album for a film of the same name. After Eji Owuro, she released other albums like Gbe Je F’ori and Im’oore.

Sola Allyson Obaniyi come through with a new music album as she thanks God alone who receives all the glory titled “IRI” this song was written 17 years ago.

See Announces the released of the album on Instagram, see captioned:

My 8th Album drops today!!!
8th album!? Ha!? Just like that??? Ha.
Mo dúpé!!! Is it not looking like yesterday that I released the first one Eji Òwurò and my status began change??? Gbéjé f’órí followed. Ire, when an exodus happened, even as I was afraid and uncertain… Im’oore that I took a loan to do when I decided to take a leap of faith on my destiny! Adùn, as I BEGAN to see my gift as a task rather than just a career. OPE! Ha, Ope! My eyes opened the more to what I “carry”. Then ÌMÚSE began in earnest! Oh, it began!
Now, in the 16th year, ÌRÌ! Another Dew. A new beginning! Refreshing. Renewal. Fresh empowering!

I am grateful! Mo dúpé. The GOD of and in my journey. Olorun ìrìn àjò mi! Really strange, which we call unique, but still, showcasing GOD’S mercy and grace! Proclaiming liberty and rescuing souls from darkness. Mo dúpé!


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